Hi, I’m Alaa. I’m an infrastructure developer & depending on whom you’re asking I also have Frontend and Backend knowledge :)

I have worked in infra teams operating and building platforms, and I have also worked in cross-functional teams where I worked on FE and BE technologies. I love automation and I believe eventually everything can be automated.

I advocate for high-quality software and I believe the way to get there is to build a safe environment where everyone gets the opportunity to learn on daily basis.

To learn new things, I always put myself in environments foreign to me otherwise I tend to stagnate.

A couple of things that I learnt along the way; I really love TDD and Pair Programming. Continuous Delivery is a never ending journey and embarking on it will only make our software better.

I like to share what I know and things that I find interesting. I also find that writing helps me verify my ideas and understand them more. Hence building this :) I hope that I can do that in the future and that I won’t be lazy.

Thanks for dropping by and feel free to reach out :)

Oh! Yes, of course. All the opinions shared here are mine and only mine.